Saturday, December 10, 2011

First holiday party of the season...

The law firm that throws this Christmas party knows how to do it !!  A bus is chartered and you are driven to your destination with ice chests full of beer and boxes filled with wine and plenty of snacks to get you going on the way there.  This year was a destination at an old Basque restaurant in Gardnerville, Nevada.  It literally felt like you were in your grandmothers kitchen.  I was impressed because I went there with an opinion already in tact. Once you get there they have arranged for a "one man band" to be set up and playing music once you get there.  The drinking then starts and does not stop until you yell "uncle".  After drinking, eating, having a raffle, dancing and then drinking some more it is time to go back.

Once back at the firm my BBF and I have our annual after the Christmas party party.  We try to pick a place where we can just eat, drink (yes still drinking) and visit and gossip.  We decided to walk to numerous places this year, meeting up with friends and proceeding to get totally shitfaced.  It was a goal to make it to 9:00 pm, but I actually I made it to 11:00 pm before driving home.  Another fun year.  I so look forward to getting out with no time limits.

Tonight...another celebration.  My friend graduated this morning with her Master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling.  We will be going to Incline Village in North Lake Tahoe to eat at "Bites" then off to a free concert at the Crystal Bay Club. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

The gift of Trisomy18 !

I have been so blessed to be able to be a part of my new niece's life.  5 weeks ago we were invited to witness the birth of this little miracle not knowing as we waited breathless if she was going to survive the birth.  As we waited to see if we were going to be saying hello or good-bye she made it out after a very long day of labor.  After a minute she finally started to cry.  It was a relief, but however it was still moment by moment.  Now 5 weeks in and she is still here and we are so grateful to be blessed with the gift she has given us.  Gifts we have received: Love, being able to physically show love, bonding, bringing together family and friends in a very magical way, unconditional acceptance ... I could go on and on !!

I have learned so much about this syndrome and the stories that have been shared through this website really sheds a light and a tear on this syndrome.  These babies are true angles and I feel so lucky to have met one !

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wine Stomp 2011..

Figuring out how to drink it all !
Finally a weekend away to go to my Uncle's winery in Healdsburg California to help him with his fund raiser "Only Women Touch The Grapes" for breast cancer.  He raises money for a fund to help women without insurance get a mammogram and initial screening.  I was so blessed to have my mom, daughter, daughter's best friend and one of my best friends along for the trip.  
View from the winery

My uncle started this fund raiser from the inspiration of my 2 Aunt's that have passed from breast cancer.  The two oldest of nine. 
The inspiration for the fund raiser

Getting our feet wet !!
People filtering in to stomp
Tasting room

We had a wonderful dinner the night before at my uncles house and I can assure you I drank enough wine for ALL !!

Downtown Healdsburg, California

Our trip home in the rear view !!
CAN'T WAIT FOR 2012 !!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A second chance for grandma !!

You know...I knew there was a job out there for my mom.  At last she is being hired to work for the State with absolutely NO experience.  They were willing to hire a 68 year old woman who has worked for casino's the past 30 years and train her all because of her personality !!  I am so grateful for the stability and relief this will give my mom and step dad who is now disabled due to a brain bleed back in March.  He is doing real good but cannot work, possibly ever again.  I just hope and pray that she will fit in and the people that work in the office will love her and want to keep her !!

I have been grounded from playing on the computer and having any wine on Friday and Saturday...due to my DD having had her wisdom teeth out and being really grumpy and totally demanding all of my attention.  Well I put my foot down and made it clear that I WILL HAVE MY PLAY TIME AND WINE TIME !! Damn get over yourself !!  Spoiled brat...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It felt my life ended for just a small moment...

I opened her door just before leaving the house to work to wake her up for her "breakfast date".  He was picking her up at about 8:30 a.m..  I then headed out the door to work with only work on my mind.

At work a co-worker answered the phone, took the call then hung up to promptly say that there was a shooting at the Carson City IHOP.  I rationally thought to myself .... oh there was probably a shooting in the parking lot and maybe it was gang related.  My co-worker answered the phone again a few minutes later (or so it seemed) and then promptly hung up to say that at least 8 people had been shot.  At that moment I shockingly remembered my daughter was going on a breakfast date and realized that they would have gone to IHOP, cause that is where they always go, morning and night, its cheap and open really late.  I felt like the oxygen was being sucked out of my body and my stomach felt like I had swallowed a piece of concrete.  I calmly tried to call her cell phone with no answer, then tried to text her with no answer.  I tried to call again and text over and over......with no response.  I started to panic.  As I'm trying to contact her the reports are getting worse and worse. 1 person dead, then 2 people dead, then 3 people dead.....aaagghh OMG I am freaking out so bad at this point trying to rationalize not running out of the building and driving like a fucking maniac to Carson City to see if they were there.

After what seemed like forever (which was about 30 minutes) I decided to call my neighbor who I never talk to and only have her number in case of an emergency to ask her if my daughter's car was in front of the house.  She said it was.  Ok, the boy probably drove. I instructed my neighbor to ring the door bell incessantly until she answered.  So she did, she rang it like the crazy woman she is !!  FINALLY my daughter came to the door....they had just gotten back from breakfast !   **exhaling**

My daughter immediately called me at work and when I answered the phone to hear her voice it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life !!  She said that they changed their mind at the last minute to go to breakfast at Katie's, a local restaurant, so they would not have to make two round trips when they both had to go to work that afternoon.

I know god works in mysterious ways.  I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes.

And the tears started.  I couldn't help it !!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its that time of year again !!! Girls get your feet in those grapes !!

Only Women Touch the Grapes !!  Proceeds go to helping women get a Mammogram and initial screening.
And on top of it .... it will be some of the best wine you have ever tasted.

Pictures are from 2010 stomp

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ya...OK hoping to be back on track...

Since the middle of June at work it has snowballed to complete hell...meaning being overwhelmed and getting fiercely behind which has caused severe stress, anxiety, no sleep, over eating, over drinking, blah blah blah!!  3 weeks ago I fell and broke my elbow.  I really feel that this has given me a chance to get caught up, as sick as that sounds.  My boss has covered my court and as of today I am completely caught up.  I cannot tell you how good this feels.  So I will start fresh tomorrow and I will STAY ON TOP OF THINGS !!  Right ? Uuum Yeah !

My poor mother is being threatened with her job.  Because she is not able to work certain hours and certain shifts so she could take care of my step-dad so they told her "you do what you have to do" and "we'll do what we have to do".  She is hysterical !!!  I don't know what to do or say to console her.  They can hardly afford to live where they live let alone anything else and with my step dad's brain injury he is unable to console her the way he normally would have and I know she terribly misses that !!  My fear is that I am going to be pushed to get a place with them...which is my worst fear !!

DD is still not talking with her grandmother and that is adding to all the has now become my refuge ... pretty sad !!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Out of hair dye....take cover !!

After a long week at work of trying to hold up my end and maintaining my major hormonal ups and downs and the pain of my elbow (see previous post) I finally got to go out with my dear girlfriend and her family to a movie to see "The Help".  I was so damn excited that I left work, ran errands...I did not even go home to change out of my work clothes, I just met them at the theater.  Aaahhh...finally sat in my seat and enjoyed a wonderful, awesome movie !!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT !!  In a great mood with the remnants of the movie still in my head as I reach for my cell phone and noticed 8 missed calls with 7 messages all from my DD.  Knowing that anything over one call and one voice mail is complete trouble, I listened to the messages only to find out I am a terrible mother who lost the ability to read minds and naturally just know what my DD needs.  HAIR DYE....yep.  The crying, hysterical messages were all about needing hair dye and needing it now.  I called back thinking I might be able to fix this catastrophe only making it worse because I just "don't listen".  Well that wonderful feeling that movie left me with was gone before I sat my ass in the truck and cried all the way to Walmart to buy fucking hair dye so the rest of my evening might not include my death !!!!!  Next time the evening out will include alcohol !!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Can you find Chloe ?

I laughed so hard when I saw this I almost pee'd my pants !!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Storm clouds...

Something so magical about this one !!

More yummy rub love...

Just had to share !!

Face Plant... a hurry to leave and pick up my DD who's car is broken down and in the shop and get her to work on time when I stepped off the last step and did a beautiful face plant right right in the main foyer and in front of 3 security officers.  Small rug burn on the forehead and cheek, skirt slightly hiked up and my pride completely shattered.  I tried to push myself up with my right arm and realized that it hurt too bad to do that but doing it anyways because I was too embarrassed to do otherwise.  After hoisting myself up and dusting myself off and fixing my blouse to make sure that things weren't hanging out that should not be hanging out, I sheepishly left the building and quickly got into my truck before calling my daughter to cry and laugh at myself hysterically.

Next day when I could not pull my own pants up I knew something was wrong so I went to the ER to be told that I chipped a bone and cracked another one in my elbow.

It has been 4 days and believe it or not it is starting to feel better. No cast, no brace.  I was just instructed to not use it, but move it !!

Note to self:  pick up the feet !!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Some lighting ...

We finally got some relief in a good ol summer thunder storm !!  Unfortunately lighting came with it ...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DD reaches out to the worst...

Aaagghh, what the hell to do !!!  It is so hard to just stand back and let the dear girl make decisions that you know are soooo wrong.  I know, I know...I have to, just as my mother had to do with me.  But I just DON'T GET IT!!  Her boyfriend, who I really liked at first and then ended up being a total fucking freak broke up with her.  She then goes immediately to find a boy.  Her "need"to have a boy just kills me.  So she goes right to the old ones who were terrible to her.  One who would prohibit her to text on her phone around him because he did not want to her to be talking to other boys.  This all just scares me to death.  I want her to be a confident young woman with herself and love herself before any boy !!  Do I just let this go ?  If I push it I know she will step away.  AND because of this little fucker who broke up with her and used a comment made by her grandmother (my mother) for the breakup...she is now not talking with her grandparents !!!  This is terrible considering everything we have been through the past 5 months !!

Ok....I just needed to unleash !!!!  I am suffering from the disease of "letting go". !!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another girls night out...

Friday I was invited to go to dinner at the lake with my dear friend and her dear friends ( hope that made sense).  We so enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called The Beacon located right on the lake with filet, ribs, pork and great rum runners with this incredible view.

We then proceeded to Harrah's Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino to celebrity site see due to the Celebrity Golf Tournament being in town and to see Arty the one man party...(a fun guy with a keyboard that played just the right 70's mix).  While dancing and singing and just having a plain ol good time...all of a sudden Charles Barkley walks on the stage and then the whole atmosphere changes.

The crowd gets thicker and the music gets funkier and Mr. Barkley instructs the cocktail waitress to freely hand out coronas to everyone in the general area the whole night.  And I might say they did a good job.  You weren't finished with one before another one was put in front of your face.  I learned later that after the Corona's were done being handed out the shots of Patron start.  OK.....look, it is good we left way before that happened because this old chick would not have made it out of there without major issues !!  I can't even think about it !!

Then one by one some athletes and actors come onto the stage, NONE of whom I know !! Sooo the music is getting younger and the crowd is getting younger and more aggressive and there just comes a time when a middle aged mom needs to just slip back with the girls and watch from the back !!!!  2:00 a.m. slipped up on us very quickly and I have to say being checked up on by my daughter is sure a nice turnaround !!

Sooo thank you Mr. Barkley for the free beers and for letting a bunch of middle aged girlies get their groove on !!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lived through another one..

Yep, lived through another jury trial on the new system !!  I can't believe how well it works.  It actually makes me look like I know what I am doing !!  haha !!  I still sweat like a pig until I know its all done and the jury is picked, but its all good.

Exciting mom took my step dad for a ride up to the Lake at Camp Richardson for the day to see my Uncle.  He just had his surgery 5 days ago to get the cranium piece put back on his head.  This is the first time he has been away from home except for the hospital and doctor's offices in 4 1/2 months.  He had such a nice time and finally got some fresh mountain air !!  I am so happy and proud of him.

So, my mom has heard through the grape vine that she might be getting fired from her job.  She is the only care taker for my step dad and has had to take a lot of time off.  Additionally her job as a Marketing rep was completely dissolved along with the whole Marketing booth.  They moved everyone who worked in the Marketing booth to the cage which would make my moms ability to care for my step dad much more difficult.  If she does get fired she will contest it and get unemployment which will be good for her!

Got a text from my DD today in the middle of the trial telling me she got a ticket.  $110.00 !!!!!!  Holy Shit !!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pretty Sunset !

The lid is back on ...

After 4 months of having a big piece of his cranium off, my step dad finally got the piece put back on.  Whew...crazy !!!  After a Subdurmal Hematoma (brain bleed) on March 8th this is a huge step forward.  He now walks upright.  Kinda funny, but he was walking tilted to the side that had the piece was missing. I can't wait to watch the improvements as they happen.  I am so happy for him and for my mom.  The prayers will not stop that is for sure !!

I have had 4 days off and regardless of having spent 2 1/2 of those 4 days at the hospital with my step dad I have sooo enjoyed the time !!  I am hoping to take more time again real soon.  It is so overdue !!

Have you ever had days where you REALLY REALLY want to blog but you don't have any idea what to blog about ?  That is me.  I almost crave to blog but everything goes blank when I start typing.  Not sure how to get over that hurdle.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mom's night out...Tequila, Cigars and Hookah...

This night was long awaited for !!  My dear friend left for 3 weeks going to school so we waited till she got back to have our "Friday Tequila Night Out" !!  Well, let me tell you...boy oh boy...was it a night out and well deserved I might add !!

Started out in our favorite Mexican restaurant drinking our favorite Silver Patron Margarita's.  After filling up and thinking we were done, we got the brilliant idea to head toward the cigar bar in the "Good Ole Boy District".  Aaahh yes, cigars and Bloody Mary's ruled the next couple of hours while we savored the local flavor of people, but more the men.  Wondering who was single and who was not (the story of my life !!!).

Then we even had a MORE brilliant idea to walk over to the Hookah lounge around the corner !!

Well this virgin to hookah was a little skeptical.  As we walked through the crowd of twenty-somethings and I might add I DID eye some of those young guys up and down .... ok !!!  We entered this quaint lounge will all couches.  We picked our poison and headed to the back couch where we shared some "Ambrosia" flavored tobacco.  It was nothing like I expected.  It was easy to smoke and really flavorful and very smooth.

All in all I had a great experience and we might even trade up "Margarita Night" for "Cigar/Hookah Night".

Best DD was waiting up for ME when I got home !!!  Full circle !!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Work, work, work...its a good thing...

My DD got hired at a job she really loves !!  I am so happy for her.  She can now quit the stupid movie theater where that little big stupid assed testosterone pumped jackass harasses her !!  Constantly tries to intimidate her.  So she went out and got herself a better job !!  I am just so proud of her, she rocks my world.  Just had to brag a little.

The ex still won't stop calling.  He has become more and more needy on myself and our daughter.  It just flat out annoys the hell out of me.  I can't stand answering anything from him.  I will normally ignore 2 calls before I will even pick up the next.   Then I generally piss him off because I find it hard to bed "polite" and he then hangs up on me most of the time.  ugh...

ok...that is all...:) (for now) me I could go on and on !

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finally, Relief for my DD and me...(rant)...

On my way out the door to work this morning I opened up my DD's bedroom door to wake her up so she could start getting ready for work.  To my surprise she was laying there wide awake.  I asked her is she had slept and she said "no, not at all".  She began then to break down and lay there and cry and asked if she could just call in to work.  I knew what was wrong and it just broke my heart.  She has been being harassed by a "manager" who is a year younger than her.  This boy does not say much to her, he just stands and stares at her for long periods of time and many other things. Besides the fact the first week she worked there 6 months ago he asked her out and she said she won't date anyone she works with and the harassment has slowly escalated since then.  Meanwhile as I talked to her and told her I would support any decision she made as long as she left with a proper notice and she talked with the head manager before she gives her notice.  So she got up and ready and drove to work, crying the whole way making herself so sick.  My poor baby !!!  So she finally got to work with her speech ready to go and low and behold the little asshole had quit.  YEP quit !!  We were laughing so hard to each other on the phone that it sounded like 2 girls in a mental ward.  The relief was HUGE !!  As a mom and having gone through the exact same thing my heart hurt for her.  I knew it would make her stronger, but I wanted to go in and pick the little fucker up by his throat and knee him in the nuts.  I am so proud of her. 
Karma sucks little dude.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Advocates to End Domestic Violence...

The annual fundraiser for Advocated to End Domestic Violence is this weekend.  I CAN'T WAIT !!  We volunteer the first two hours and then we hit the pavement running the last two hours to taste all we can.  That includes food and drink !!  Live music on every other street corner and a great atmosphere.  Time to let it loose a little !  And for a great cause !!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I can do this...

I am preparing to clerk a jury trial starting tomorrow with a whole new jury software package that has only been used once, a courtroom full of 87 people and the technical support I need is on a long distance phone call to Texas.  All my support left this week.  Fuck me running !  So I come home and calm my nerves with a lot of wine and scratch at my little hives that I am breaking out with all over !  It will work out great, I know it has to.  If not.....anyone hiring ?

Meanwhile my fully clawed cat is pretending he is rock climbing on my furniture...ugh

Monday, May 30, 2011

Divorced ? Yes...uumm not really...

Why do I get so defensive when someone who knows I am single asks if I am divorced ?  I found myself lying when this question was asked to me a couple days ago.  After I said "yes", I caved and finally admitted I had never been married and felt this horrible need to explain myself.  Being 43 and never married puts me in the category of "Something must be wrong with her".  Well folks NOTHING is wrong with me !!  I am actually the most emotionally healthiest I have ever been in my life !! With no baggage.  I am content and have a great job and can support myself and my youngest (adult) child who still lives at home (yes, I know, I know !!).  YES, I said child.  I have had a child out of wedlock.  Yikes !! Right ?? Oh get over it !!  I have had a couple long term relationships and even engaged twice.  And my fair share of short term !  

I just have not found my husband........yet !! And I know he is out there cause I am a total catch  :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A night of good food, friendship and music....

Saturday night ending up being like a little piece of heaven.  Being in excellent company we embarked on a fantastic discreet restaurant that specialized in small plates (tapas) named "Bite" in Incline Village.  What a freaking good dinner and the drinks were perfect.  The bartender made these drinks like they were a piece of art.  Risotto balls, Spinach and goat cheese salad, Ahi sliders and grilled fish silver dollar tacos topped off with wine, Arrogant Bastard Ale and a killer tequila drink that knocked my socks off....literally !!!  Then off to the Crystal Bay Club to see an awesome musician...Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express.  OK, so I have to say it kinda was a bummer that hardly anyone showed up, BUT on the other hand it was TOTALLY awesome at the same time.  They rocked for 2 1/2 hours.  It was so much fun.  We really should have stayed for the after party but we did not get home until 2:00 a.m.  Next time, the after party will be for sure !!  These nights out are so very well deserved and needed !!

Recovery in the world of brain injury...

Pa is recovering really well.  Had first doctor's appointment with the brain doctor that performed 4 craniotomy's and soon to be 5th in July.  The recovery has been uplifting, eye opening and at times...humorous !!  That darn  helmet he has to wear is so cute.  And what is the best part is that he does not care !!  He will go to any store or restaurant with that helmet on and not be embarrassed...that is until someone starts staring.  But that is ok !!  I stopped by one Sunday to start dinner for my mom and he was sitting in his chair eating potato chips and cheese dip...taking a knife and spreading the cheese dip onto each chip and he did not remember if he had lunch or not. Aaah  the innocence that has actually come back.  Kinda ironic !

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My ex called me tonight because our daughter still won't pick up the phone when he calls her.  She just feels at the end of her rope with him and I can't say I blame her !!  So I pick up the slack my kissing his ass so he will be  back off for a week or so and then the excuses (on my part) start all over.  Sooo because of  my "ass kissing" he is just so damn grateful that I am his best friend and he wants to "give it a go" .... again !!   OK, so I laughed out loud.  I did not mean to hurt anyone, but COME ON !!  I very cautiously told him that we are so much better as friends.  blah blah the vomit comes up the back of my throat....

Monday, April 25, 2011

Shit List,,.

Well I seem to be on numerous family members shit lists.  Since I am not able to drop everything at the drop of a hat and buy a plane ticket or rent a car to drive to the neighboring state I am a "flake".  Dear me, I have two jobs and a mother with a husband who has had a brain bleed and who needs help with him regularly and not a bank account to support the travel.  Geeeez.  What to do !!??  I really want to get away and see that side of my family but I just cant afford it and there is no offer of help. So there !!!!  BLLLAAAHHH ... DD is out on a date with a boy who has a name that is the same name as a town in Wyoming.  I cant help but refer to it every time she mentions him.  lol kinda funny.  Thank god somebody in this family has a social life.  Maybe one day mercy will be shed its light and I can get me a life and tell everyone to screw off !!

Looking forward to taking off for the weekend.....HOPEFULLY !!!  To my uncle's winery for "Passport".  I really need some time away from the drama !!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

He's home and long road...

My stedad is finally home.  He is doing well.  Will need to have the flap put back on his head in a few weeks and that cause us a lot of anxiety.  We don't want any recurrence of swelling....AT ALL !!!  So day by day is what we will take and not take anything for granted.  I will NEVER take for granted being able to put on my pants by myself and being able to brush my teeth by myself.  GRATEFUL !!

Well, I have been pondering my workaholic, no time for anything social life lately and I think I really need to get busy getting some men.  I really need to start dating or something.  I am really wanting someone to do fun things with.  It has been long enough.  I am healthy, independent, fun and I just want to meet some fun guys !!  But I have NO IDEA how the hell to do it !!  I live in a small town and have a public job.  Not a good combination.  The online singles websites are nothing but a meat market and that turns me off.  What's a girl to do ??  **sigh**

I am so excited for May.  My very good friend and I are going to see Chuck Prophet in a free show.  This is so very cool !!  This is one of the performers we were able to see in Seattle last year.  It will be so much fun !!  And we are also going back in August to Seattle to attend this music festival again.  Awesome.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finally Home...

2 days ago my stepdad came home from Neuro Rehab !!  He will need to go back in about 3 to 4 weeks to have the missing part of his skull put back on, but so far so good.  He has appointments 7 days a week, so the driving schedule is extremely hectic and my poor mother who is carrying the brunt of all of this is a total rock star. My stepdad is so lucky to have her.  NOBODY messed with him in the hospital with my mom there everyday.  I can only pray that I will have someone to be there for me if I (god for bid) ever need to be in the hospital for a long period of time.

Sooo this past week at 6:00 a.m. in the morning I got a lovely efing phone call from the "Court Services" in Reno regarding my DS.  They wanted to confirm that I knew him and wanted me to confirm an address for him.  Which I could not do, since I have not idea where he is living.   Since he has not contacted me since last August. I did ask the Clerk what he was being charged with and she did tell me that he was being charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  I gotta tell ya that it confirmed what I originally thought when I saw him a couple months ago.  He looked like shit and I knew he was up to no good.  Well I could not confirm an address, but it was nice to know he was alive.  *sigh* :(

Well, I finally have 2 days off this weekend and I don't have to be running anywhere going mach 12 with my hair on fire now that my stepdad is home.  It is nice to take a break and relax.  Been a long while.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Progress....and its Friday !

I just received a wonderful call about my step-dad.  They performed a swallow test on him and he passed so now they can start him on solid foods this afternoon. Yaay !!  And they will be releasing him  to come home in 1 week.  He will have to go back in 3 weeks for his next CT Scan and 5 weeks for the replacement of the flap in his skull.  I am so thrilled he has such a strong will to live !!

Now with this good news comes the subject that my mom broached with me about sharing a rental with them.  *SIGH*... we have talked about this in the past in case anything ever happened, however I never thought anything would happen.  I DO NOT want to share a house with my parents.  I have my DD and 2 cats.  They have 2 dogs.  I would have no all !!  This is just so damn stressful...I pray about it everyday and hope that it will be "taken care of"...

Meanwhile it is Friday, payday and time for Tequila....Cheers !!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I am struggling on whether to "hunt" my son down to let him know about his grandfather.  The other evening my daughter mentioned to me that maybe I should find him to let him know about his g-pa's health situation.  My DS has not contaced me since August and as for the rest of his family it has been years.  I feel that if he really wanted to be involved he would stay in contact.  Well.....I did try to contact him but he changed his number and did not tell anyone (another clue he does not want to associate).  However me and my brilliant investigative skills I found a common friend that has his new number.  I texted him to please call me and the immediately respoded with "huh why?" and nothing since.  So I feel ok with not pursuing this any further.  It sure hurts though to not have him around in a regular fashion.  Even just on occasion.  I know he is troubled and possibly using drugs, but I sure miss him !!!  *sigh*

My stepdad gets moved to a neuro rehab today !!  This is wonderful.  He will be only 10 minutes from home for my mom.  I hope that he will only have to be there for a few weeks.  He is very ready to start getting better.  I am thrilled. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blood Clot....gahhd

So life again throws a little twist in normalcy.  3 weeks ago my poor stepdad had to be careflighted to a hospital in Reno due to a blood clot on his brain (Subdural Hematoma).  My mother who the doctors have credited for saving his life has been at his side everyday, all day !!  What a freaking battle this has been.  This man who was very healthy, active and life loving had a burst blood vessel and forever everyone's life has now changed.  Brain injury really sucks.  4 brain surgeries in 3 weeks and now they finally just removed a portion of his skull to allow the brain to swell, which has been a good move.  However, now there is a fungus infection that is causing hallucinations, fevers and very odd behavior.  We have a battle ahead.  Once he gets into rehab I pray he can get some of his functioning life back.  Day by day...

He was moved to the Neuro Unit at 5:00 this morning, so hopefully now he will be able to get the physical therapy he needs and the sleep he has been deprived from in the ICU...

My DD had an interview on Monday with an Orthopedic office for a back office training position.  This ended up being something a lot more than we thought.  Whether she gets the job or not, just the interview experience was good for her.  I am really proud that she followed through with it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

No wonder I left him....asswipe !!

Yep, I started it with "Asswipe".  It is the most appropriate word I can think of.  My daughter's father...ok ok "my ex" sucks ass !!  After many years of severe drug abuse and abandonment with no interest in a relationship with either of his children my daughter out of the goodness of her heart decided she wanted to try to get to know him about 3 years ago.  When she decided that she wanted to see him he was serving a sentence in the Metro Jail in the city where he lived.  After that visit he wrote her regularly until she was actually ready to talk to him on the phone with my assistance and then after a good year she finally started talking to him on her own.  She has always been very skeptical about him "falling off the wagon" and he knew that if he screwed up once she would cut if off.  So over thanksgiving he had made plans to go back and visit my family and while we were there go see him also.  Well due to an dental emergency and a sick cat our travel money was gone in one day so I had to back out of our plans.  He flipped out so bad that he threatened to take 2 shots of Vodka and a Lortab.  Welp, that was it for her.  She said that that was too much pressure for her that he would blame us not making the trip for his "falling off the wagon" as much as their relationship was based on his sobriety.  So the asshole actually called her last week and told her he was "done" and that he could not "do this" anymore.  DO WHAT you asshole?  Be a father?  Oh my goooooodneess.  Like I would have ever expected anything more....shame on me.
My sweet girl is so strong and thank god did not listen to his message, she just deleted it.  Saved her a broken heart.  The one that opened this up for a second chance in the first place.