Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DD reaches out to the worst...

Aaagghh, what the hell to do !!!  It is so hard to just stand back and let the dear girl make decisions that you know are soooo wrong.  I know, I know...I have to, just as my mother had to do with me.  But I just DON'T GET IT!!  Her boyfriend, who I really liked at first and then ended up being a total fucking freak broke up with her.  She then goes immediately to find a boy.  Her "need"to have a boy just kills me.  So she goes right to the old ones who were terrible to her.  One who would prohibit her to text on her phone around him because he did not want to her to be talking to other boys.  This all just scares me to death.  I want her to be a confident young woman with herself and love herself before any boy !!  Do I just let this go ?  If I push it I know she will step away.  AND because of this little fucker who broke up with her and used a comment made by her grandmother (my mother) for the breakup...she is now not talking with her grandparents !!!  This is terrible considering everything we have been through the past 5 months !!

Ok....I just needed to unleash !!!!  I am suffering from the disease of "letting go".

Now.....wine !!!!

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