Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finally, Relief for my DD and me...(rant)...

On my way out the door to work this morning I opened up my DD's bedroom door to wake her up so she could start getting ready for work.  To my surprise she was laying there wide awake.  I asked her is she had slept and she said "no, not at all".  She began then to break down and lay there and cry and asked if she could just call in to work.  I knew what was wrong and it just broke my heart.  She has been being harassed by a "manager" who is a year younger than her.  This boy does not say much to her, he just stands and stares at her for long periods of time and many other things. Besides the fact the first week she worked there 6 months ago he asked her out and she said she won't date anyone she works with and the harassment has slowly escalated since then.  Meanwhile as I talked to her and told her I would support any decision she made as long as she left with a proper notice and she talked with the head manager before she gives her notice.  So she got up and ready and drove to work, crying the whole way making herself so sick.  My poor baby !!!  So she finally got to work with her speech ready to go and low and behold the little asshole had quit.  YEP quit !!  We were laughing so hard to each other on the phone that it sounded like 2 girls in a mental ward.  The relief was HUGE !!  As a mom and having gone through the exact same thing my heart hurt for her.  I knew it would make her stronger, but I wanted to go in and pick the little fucker up by his throat and knee him in the nuts.  I am so proud of her. 
Karma sucks little dude.

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