Friday, August 5, 2011

Face Plant... a hurry to leave and pick up my DD who's car is broken down and in the shop and get her to work on time when I stepped off the last step and did a beautiful face plant right right in the main foyer and in front of 3 security officers.  Small rug burn on the forehead and cheek, skirt slightly hiked up and my pride completely shattered.  I tried to push myself up with my right arm and realized that it hurt too bad to do that but doing it anyways because I was too embarrassed to do otherwise.  After hoisting myself up and dusting myself off and fixing my blouse to make sure that things weren't hanging out that should not be hanging out, I sheepishly left the building and quickly got into my truck before calling my daughter to cry and laugh at myself hysterically.

Next day when I could not pull my own pants up I knew something was wrong so I went to the ER to be told that I chipped a bone and cracked another one in my elbow.

It has been 4 days and believe it or not it is starting to feel better. No cast, no brace.  I was just instructed to not use it, but move it !!

Note to self:  pick up the feet !!

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