Monday, August 15, 2011

Out of hair dye....take cover !!

After a long week at work of trying to hold up my end and maintaining my major hormonal ups and downs and the pain of my elbow (see previous post) I finally got to go out with my dear girlfriend and her family to a movie to see "The Help".  I was so damn excited that I left work, ran errands...I did not even go home to change out of my work clothes, I just met them at the theater.  Aaahhh...finally sat in my seat and enjoyed a wonderful, awesome movie !!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT !!  In a great mood with the remnants of the movie still in my head as I reach for my cell phone and noticed 8 missed calls with 7 messages all from my DD.  Knowing that anything over one call and one voice mail is complete trouble, I listened to the messages only to find out I am a terrible mother who lost the ability to read minds and naturally just know what my DD needs.  HAIR DYE....yep.  The crying, hysterical messages were all about needing hair dye and needing it now.  I called back thinking I might be able to fix this catastrophe only making it worse because I just "don't listen".  Well that wonderful feeling that movie left me with was gone before I sat my ass in the truck and cried all the way to Walmart to buy fucking hair dye so the rest of my evening might not include my death !!!!!  Next time the evening out will include alcohol !!!

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