Saturday, April 23, 2011

He's home and long road...

My stedad is finally home.  He is doing well.  Will need to have the flap put back on his head in a few weeks and that cause us a lot of anxiety.  We don't want any recurrence of swelling....AT ALL !!!  So day by day is what we will take and not take anything for granted.  I will NEVER take for granted being able to put on my pants by myself and being able to brush my teeth by myself.  GRATEFUL !!

Well, I have been pondering my workaholic, no time for anything social life lately and I think I really need to get busy getting some men.  I really need to start dating or something.  I am really wanting someone to do fun things with.  It has been long enough.  I am healthy, independent, fun and I just want to meet some fun guys !!  But I have NO IDEA how the hell to do it !!  I live in a small town and have a public job.  Not a good combination.  The online singles websites are nothing but a meat market and that turns me off.  What's a girl to do ??  **sigh**

I am so excited for May.  My very good friend and I are going to see Chuck Prophet in a free show.  This is so very cool !!  This is one of the performers we were able to see in Seattle last year.  It will be so much fun !!  And we are also going back in August to Seattle to attend this music festival again.  Awesome.

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