Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wine Stomp 2011..

Figuring out how to drink it all !
Finally a weekend away to go to my Uncle's winery in Healdsburg California to help him with his fund raiser "Only Women Touch The Grapes" for breast cancer.  He raises money for a fund to help women without insurance get a mammogram and initial screening.  I was so blessed to have my mom, daughter, daughter's best friend and one of my best friends along for the trip.  
View from the winery

My uncle started this fund raiser from the inspiration of my 2 Aunt's that have passed from breast cancer.  The two oldest of nine. 
The inspiration for the fund raiser

Getting our feet wet !!
People filtering in to stomp
Tasting room

We had a wonderful dinner the night before at my uncles house and I can assure you I drank enough wine for ALL !!

Downtown Healdsburg, California

Our trip home in the rear view !!
CAN'T WAIT FOR 2012 !!

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  1. I am pretty bummed that I couldn't make this. Next year I will :)