Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another girls night out...

Friday I was invited to go to dinner at the lake with my dear friend and her dear friends ( hope that made sense).  We so enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called The Beacon located right on the lake with filet, ribs, pork and great rum runners with this incredible view.

We then proceeded to Harrah's Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino to celebrity site see due to the Celebrity Golf Tournament being in town and to see Arty the one man party...(a fun guy with a keyboard that played just the right 70's mix).  While dancing and singing and just having a plain ol good time...all of a sudden Charles Barkley walks on the stage and then the whole atmosphere changes.

The crowd gets thicker and the music gets funkier and Mr. Barkley instructs the cocktail waitress to freely hand out coronas to everyone in the general area the whole night.  And I might say they did a good job.  You weren't finished with one before another one was put in front of your face.  I learned later that after the Corona's were done being handed out the shots of Patron start.  OK.....look, it is good we left way before that happened because this old chick would not have made it out of there without major issues !!  I can't even think about it !!

Then one by one some athletes and actors come onto the stage, NONE of whom I know !! Sooo the music is getting younger and the crowd is getting younger and more aggressive and there just comes a time when a middle aged mom needs to just slip back with the girls and watch from the back !!!!  2:00 a.m. slipped up on us very quickly and I have to say being checked up on by my daughter is sure a nice turnaround !!

Sooo thank you Mr. Barkley for the free beers and for letting a bunch of middle aged girlies get their groove on !!!


  1. How fun!! Did you get any pix of anyone at the golf tourney? Girls night intake rocks!!

  2. The only one I got was of Jack Wagner from a distance. Trying to find who you wanted to see and get a picture of became almost impossible !! Trying to figure out where they were at what time at what hole and there were so many people.