Friday, July 29, 2011

Some lighting ...

We finally got some relief in a good ol summer thunder storm !!  Unfortunately lighting came with it ...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DD reaches out to the worst...

Aaagghh, what the hell to do !!!  It is so hard to just stand back and let the dear girl make decisions that you know are soooo wrong.  I know, I know...I have to, just as my mother had to do with me.  But I just DON'T GET IT!!  Her boyfriend, who I really liked at first and then ended up being a total fucking freak broke up with her.  She then goes immediately to find a boy.  Her "need"to have a boy just kills me.  So she goes right to the old ones who were terrible to her.  One who would prohibit her to text on her phone around him because he did not want to her to be talking to other boys.  This all just scares me to death.  I want her to be a confident young woman with herself and love herself before any boy !!  Do I just let this go ?  If I push it I know she will step away.  AND because of this little fucker who broke up with her and used a comment made by her grandmother (my mother) for the breakup...she is now not talking with her grandparents !!!  This is terrible considering everything we have been through the past 5 months !!

Ok....I just needed to unleash !!!!  I am suffering from the disease of "letting go". !!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another girls night out...

Friday I was invited to go to dinner at the lake with my dear friend and her dear friends ( hope that made sense).  We so enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called The Beacon located right on the lake with filet, ribs, pork and great rum runners with this incredible view.

We then proceeded to Harrah's Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino to celebrity site see due to the Celebrity Golf Tournament being in town and to see Arty the one man party...(a fun guy with a keyboard that played just the right 70's mix).  While dancing and singing and just having a plain ol good time...all of a sudden Charles Barkley walks on the stage and then the whole atmosphere changes.

The crowd gets thicker and the music gets funkier and Mr. Barkley instructs the cocktail waitress to freely hand out coronas to everyone in the general area the whole night.  And I might say they did a good job.  You weren't finished with one before another one was put in front of your face.  I learned later that after the Corona's were done being handed out the shots of Patron start.  OK.....look, it is good we left way before that happened because this old chick would not have made it out of there without major issues !!  I can't even think about it !!

Then one by one some athletes and actors come onto the stage, NONE of whom I know !! Sooo the music is getting younger and the crowd is getting younger and more aggressive and there just comes a time when a middle aged mom needs to just slip back with the girls and watch from the back !!!!  2:00 a.m. slipped up on us very quickly and I have to say being checked up on by my daughter is sure a nice turnaround !!

Sooo thank you Mr. Barkley for the free beers and for letting a bunch of middle aged girlies get their groove on !!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lived through another one..

Yep, lived through another jury trial on the new system !!  I can't believe how well it works.  It actually makes me look like I know what I am doing !!  haha !!  I still sweat like a pig until I know its all done and the jury is picked, but its all good.

Exciting mom took my step dad for a ride up to the Lake at Camp Richardson for the day to see my Uncle.  He just had his surgery 5 days ago to get the cranium piece put back on his head.  This is the first time he has been away from home except for the hospital and doctor's offices in 4 1/2 months.  He had such a nice time and finally got some fresh mountain air !!  I am so happy and proud of him.

So, my mom has heard through the grape vine that she might be getting fired from her job.  She is the only care taker for my step dad and has had to take a lot of time off.  Additionally her job as a Marketing rep was completely dissolved along with the whole Marketing booth.  They moved everyone who worked in the Marketing booth to the cage which would make my moms ability to care for my step dad much more difficult.  If she does get fired she will contest it and get unemployment which will be good for her!

Got a text from my DD today in the middle of the trial telling me she got a ticket.  $110.00 !!!!!!  Holy Shit !!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pretty Sunset !

The lid is back on ...

After 4 months of having a big piece of his cranium off, my step dad finally got the piece put back on.  Whew...crazy !!!  After a Subdurmal Hematoma (brain bleed) on March 8th this is a huge step forward.  He now walks upright.  Kinda funny, but he was walking tilted to the side that had the piece was missing. I can't wait to watch the improvements as they happen.  I am so happy for him and for my mom.  The prayers will not stop that is for sure !!

I have had 4 days off and regardless of having spent 2 1/2 of those 4 days at the hospital with my step dad I have sooo enjoyed the time !!  I am hoping to take more time again real soon.  It is so overdue !!

Have you ever had days where you REALLY REALLY want to blog but you don't have any idea what to blog about ?  That is me.  I almost crave to blog but everything goes blank when I start typing.  Not sure how to get over that hurdle.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mom's night out...Tequila, Cigars and Hookah...

This night was long awaited for !!  My dear friend left for 3 weeks going to school so we waited till she got back to have our "Friday Tequila Night Out" !!  Well, let me tell you...boy oh boy...was it a night out and well deserved I might add !!

Started out in our favorite Mexican restaurant drinking our favorite Silver Patron Margarita's.  After filling up and thinking we were done, we got the brilliant idea to head toward the cigar bar in the "Good Ole Boy District".  Aaahh yes, cigars and Bloody Mary's ruled the next couple of hours while we savored the local flavor of people, but more the men.  Wondering who was single and who was not (the story of my life !!!).

Then we even had a MORE brilliant idea to walk over to the Hookah lounge around the corner !!

Well this virgin to hookah was a little skeptical.  As we walked through the crowd of twenty-somethings and I might add I DID eye some of those young guys up and down .... ok !!!  We entered this quaint lounge will all couches.  We picked our poison and headed to the back couch where we shared some "Ambrosia" flavored tobacco.  It was nothing like I expected.  It was easy to smoke and really flavorful and very smooth.

All in all I had a great experience and we might even trade up "Margarita Night" for "Cigar/Hookah Night".

Best DD was waiting up for ME when I got home !!!  Full circle !!