Monday, April 25, 2011

Shit List,,.

Well I seem to be on numerous family members shit lists.  Since I am not able to drop everything at the drop of a hat and buy a plane ticket or rent a car to drive to the neighboring state I am a "flake".  Dear me, I have two jobs and a mother with a husband who has had a brain bleed and who needs help with him regularly and not a bank account to support the travel.  Geeeez.  What to do !!??  I really want to get away and see that side of my family but I just cant afford it and there is no offer of help. So there !!!!  BLLLAAAHHH ... DD is out on a date with a boy who has a name that is the same name as a town in Wyoming.  I cant help but refer to it every time she mentions him.  lol kinda funny.  Thank god somebody in this family has a social life.  Maybe one day mercy will be shed its light and I can get me a life and tell everyone to screw off !!

Looking forward to taking off for the weekend.....HOPEFULLY !!!  To my uncle's winery for "Passport".  I really need some time away from the drama !!


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