Saturday, December 10, 2011

First holiday party of the season...

The law firm that throws this Christmas party knows how to do it !!  A bus is chartered and you are driven to your destination with ice chests full of beer and boxes filled with wine and plenty of snacks to get you going on the way there.  This year was a destination at an old Basque restaurant in Gardnerville, Nevada.  It literally felt like you were in your grandmothers kitchen.  I was impressed because I went there with an opinion already in tact. Once you get there they have arranged for a "one man band" to be set up and playing music once you get there.  The drinking then starts and does not stop until you yell "uncle".  After drinking, eating, having a raffle, dancing and then drinking some more it is time to go back.

Once back at the firm my BBF and I have our annual after the Christmas party party.  We try to pick a place where we can just eat, drink (yes still drinking) and visit and gossip.  We decided to walk to numerous places this year, meeting up with friends and proceeding to get totally shitfaced.  It was a goal to make it to 9:00 pm, but I actually I made it to 11:00 pm before driving home.  Another fun year.  I so look forward to getting out with no time limits.

Tonight...another celebration.  My friend graduated this morning with her Master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling.  We will be going to Incline Village in North Lake Tahoe to eat at "Bites" then off to a free concert at the Crystal Bay Club. 

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