Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recovery in the world of brain injury...

Pa is recovering really well.  Had first doctor's appointment with the brain doctor that performed 4 craniotomy's and soon to be 5th in July.  The recovery has been uplifting, eye opening and at times...humorous !!  That darn  helmet he has to wear is so cute.  And what is the best part is that he does not care !!  He will go to any store or restaurant with that helmet on and not be embarrassed...that is until someone starts staring.  But that is ok !!  I stopped by one Sunday to start dinner for my mom and he was sitting in his chair eating potato chips and cheese dip...taking a knife and spreading the cheese dip onto each chip and he did not remember if he had lunch or not. Aaah  the innocence that has actually come back.  Kinda ironic !

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