Saturday, February 5, 2011

No wonder I left him....asswipe !!

Yep, I started it with "Asswipe".  It is the most appropriate word I can think of.  My daughter's father...ok ok "my ex" sucks ass !!  After many years of severe drug abuse and abandonment with no interest in a relationship with either of his children my daughter out of the goodness of her heart decided she wanted to try to get to know him about 3 years ago.  When she decided that she wanted to see him he was serving a sentence in the Metro Jail in the city where he lived.  After that visit he wrote her regularly until she was actually ready to talk to him on the phone with my assistance and then after a good year she finally started talking to him on her own.  She has always been very skeptical about him "falling off the wagon" and he knew that if he screwed up once she would cut if off.  So over thanksgiving he had made plans to go back and visit my family and while we were there go see him also.  Well due to an dental emergency and a sick cat our travel money was gone in one day so I had to back out of our plans.  He flipped out so bad that he threatened to take 2 shots of Vodka and a Lortab.  Welp, that was it for her.  She said that that was too much pressure for her that he would blame us not making the trip for his "falling off the wagon" as much as their relationship was based on his sobriety.  So the asshole actually called her last week and told her he was "done" and that he could not "do this" anymore.  DO WHAT you asshole?  Be a father?  Oh my goooooodneess.  Like I would have ever expected anything more....shame on me.
My sweet girl is so strong and thank god did not listen to his message, she just deleted it.  Saved her a broken heart.  The one that opened this up for a second chance in the first place.