Friday, April 8, 2011

Progress....and its Friday !

I just received a wonderful call about my step-dad.  They performed a swallow test on him and he passed so now they can start him on solid foods this afternoon. Yaay !!  And they will be releasing him  to come home in 1 week.  He will have to go back in 3 weeks for his next CT Scan and 5 weeks for the replacement of the flap in his skull.  I am so thrilled he has such a strong will to live !!

Now with this good news comes the subject that my mom broached with me about sharing a rental with them.  *SIGH*... we have talked about this in the past in case anything ever happened, however I never thought anything would happen.  I DO NOT want to share a house with my parents.  I have my DD and 2 cats.  They have 2 dogs.  I would have no all !!  This is just so damn stressful...I pray about it everyday and hope that it will be "taken care of"...

Meanwhile it is Friday, payday and time for Tequila....Cheers !!

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