Thursday, July 29, 2010

traceyclark - i am enough

This is VERY inspiring !! Touched me as a woman and I feel it would touch every woman who is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, hard working atc..
traceyclark - i am enough

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to grow vegetables in pots - Main - How to grow vegetables -

This is my next hobby !! I really need to grow a garden somehow but I don't have to room to do it. So container vegetable gardens are relaly cool !!
How to grow vegetables in pots - Main - How to grow vegetables -

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day off...

So I went to the yearly beach party for the firm (2nd job) and I really did have a good time.  Thanks to my my very dear friend (Crazy Ramblings) I had someone to "hang" with during this afternoon.  My girl befriended a group of kids that were there as guests of another employee.  Later in the afternoon I noticed that my girl was sitting with the lot of them and one of the other girls had taken her bikini top off and put pasties on instead.....little star fish shaped ones (how appropriate).  I informed my friend about it and she informed her husband about it which in turn completely made is whole day.  I did not know a man could get his shorts in a wad like he did.  He was so absolutely excited !!!!  Watching him find any excuse to walk by them and look at her was very entertaining.  Funny I tell you !!!
I did learn one thing...never let a hormonal 18 year old drive down a narrow road where there is no clear division of 2 lanes divided by a broken yellow line !!!! me !!!!  OK, wait ... I learned two things...never drive 40 miles away in 102 degree weather without enough gas to crank the airconditioning !!  Never again !!!  The hormonal teenager actually kept me calm on that ride !!!

My father called me to check on the on newly graduated girl to see what she has been doing.  I absent mindedly told him "nothing".  So "grandpa" - old school as he is (and I love it) proceeds to give me advice:
1)  if she is going to school then she can live at home - no problem;
2)  is she is not going to school right away she needs to be working and contributing;
3)  if neither the above then she needs to move out.
Geeeez dad.  Ok, I seem to be having a hard time relaying this to her.  Probably because of complete fear that she is going to tell me where to put it and run to reptile boy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day off.....Yaaay !!

I have tomorrow off and and am so excited about it.  I was informed today that I need to take 3 weeks or lose them before the end of the year.  YEAH, twist my arm !!  Actually it is easier said than done.  I just want to relax and not deal with the drama .  So I am going to go sit on the beach tomorrow with my toes in the water and ass in the sand (actually a chair....just sounded good) and a cold Rum Runner in my hand.  However it has been so long since parts of me has seen the sun that I am gonna need major, serious spf !!!  Oh yeah, we are talking translucent !!  This chick just does not get out.  So old bathing suit that again fits me (damn it) and a large hat and umbrella are ready to go !!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Little Day Dreaming...

Ever have a special place that you can dream about when it is sooo hot outside that you could go just jump in your car and start driving there..right now ? I do !! This place is beautiful, cool, misty, and on the coast of Oregon. Bandon, Oregon.

I was introduced to Bandon through my parents when they decided to move there for a few years. However they moved back home to Northern Nevada after they realized that we were not going to move there and live near them as one big happy family and my mom started suffering from some severe depression with all the rain and darkness. During this time I was introduced to my ex boyfriend by my cousin and Aunt. We started seeing each other and continued to see each other for a year. This person just so happened to own a Cranberry farm in Bandon, though not his regular residence at the time. I was able do a lot of traveling back and forth with him to tend to these bogs and stay at his farm and visit my parents. It was all so crazy, fun and yet meant to happen...AND meant to end. Cranberry man is nooooo longer. Ended that quick when I learned he was not a one woman man. BUT I have to say it was a FUUUN year.

Monday, July 19, 2010

prairie dog magazine | lifestyle

I LOVE THIS !!! You have got to read this !! I totally want to hang out with this guy !!!

prairie dog magazine lifestyle

Saturday, July 17, 2010


"'Be patient and loving with every fearful thought. Practice observing your fears as a witness, and you'll see them dissolve.' - Dr. Wayne Dyer"

This man's books saved me !! I found so much stability and logic in is work. As soon as I opened "Power of Intention" it was like a path was built and customized just for me to go down.


I love this quote: "'The clouds I can handle. But i can't fight with an eclipse...' ~Jacob
Black Eclipse page 600"

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I got off my day job and rushed to my evening to clean an office, but of course the word "rushed" means slamming a glass of wine down first at my favorite "after work bar" !! I hurried a little too quickly through cleaning hoping to make it home to see my girl since I have not layed my eyes on her since Monday evening. I left the cleaning job, went to the store, hit my landlords home to take care of business and all the while I am getting more and more excited to see my girl. I am 5 minutes from home driving like a damn maniac and she calls me to say "I'm leaving to go visit a friend, I won't be here when you get home so see you later", which we all know means tomorrow. Aaagghh my heart sank. So I get home to my empty hot as hell house made dinner to sit and watch my favorite dancing show with my cats !! Yep, you heard cats. Don't worry about me I will just start feeding all the neighborhood homeless cats .... cause I know they want to be with

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New colors...

OK, I am ready for some new colors in my life. I am turning a new page and now I need to surround myself with new things. I will be picking out some colors this weekend for my walls and daughters walls. I want new towels and bed spreads also. What colors represent "new"? Hhmm ... I am very excited.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Letting go...

OK, so I am having a hard time letting go !!! This whole "letting go" thing is scaring me. I don't mind being alone but I don't want to grow old alone. I need to start growing my wings back. It is really hard and depressing !! I can't wait for August. Bobbie and I are going to Seatle !!! Yaaay. I was originally going to go to Forks, WA to go on a Twilight tour but everyone bailed on me so I am going to stay with Bobbie and go to a Grass Roots Music Festival called No Depression. This will be the first time I have ever gone somewhere without children or without family or to see family. All by myself !!!! I am so excited to see this beautiful city as a grown woman by herself !!!

Gotta get the kid a job ASAP !!!!...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My fault I can't sleep....?

Sooooo as my sweeeeet baby girl was entering into the house around 2:30 a.m. as I lay wide awake and heart pounding because she had not responded to my 50th text and 50th phone call as to where she was and when she would be coming home, I told her how worried I was and that her coming in sooooooo late cause me not to be able to sleep. And the sweeet child said "It is not my fault you can't sleep"....."It is your choice not to sleep". Hhhmm I THINK NOT !!! Little Beeooch !!! So today the sweet little thing applied for a couple of jobs....YAAAAY !!! Can't wait for that to happen, so she can get a routine and stop sleeping in till noon and staying up so late and causing me to have a heart attack.....causse after all it IS my fault I can't sleep when she is out so late. :)

My parents loaned me an old swamp cooler that barely blows out the cool air, but hey anything will help in this ungodly heat !!! Sooo I guess my poor little rental power grid could not handle the other 2 fans WITH the swamp cooler plus all the other necessary pleasures of the tv and DVD player and ect.... that I have going in my living room that once my sweet thing plugged in her blow dryer to get ready to go out (again) the power shut down in the living room and the outlets in both bathrooms are out also. Aaaaawww the pleasures of summer !!!! It is 11:03 pm and I can feel it finally cooling down....thank you god !!

Off to bed to try and get some sleep (?)....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Phanton PMS ??

Thank god it is Friday !! This entire past week has been a PMS (?) week from ??? Geez I don't know !! OK, so I had a Hysterectomy in February and even though I don't get a visit from Aunt Flow I sure have all the other issues still. NO ONE could do anything right, say anything right, look right, breath right......OR maybe no one was doing anything right, saying anything right or looking right !!! lol....OK,'s me !! Aagghh. However that doesn't mean that it is ok to come to a Courthouse wearing a tank top while naturally being as hairy as the cookie monster or wearing a black bra under a see through white t-shirt !!!

Well again I started the week with a good intention of watching what I eat. That all went to hell. And of course it does not help that I come home and celebrate Friday with Taco's and shells fried in oil !!! Oooohh but they were goooood !!! Mmmmhhmm OH YEAH and it sure did not help that I finished my plate and ate what my daughter didn't.....NIIIIIICE !!

Saving a buck !

That is why I posted the coupon link below. There are some real good coupons on there and some free stuff. Always looking for a bargain !!

Grocery Coupons at

Grocery Coupons at

Thursday, July 8, 2010

OK... Really ??

Got off job #2 and was fantasizing the whole way home that I would walk in and the kitchen would be cleaned, dinner would be made, laundry would be folded....aahh NONE of the aforementioned came true !! A girl can dream though !!!

Thinking about enrolling in a class Fall semester, to finish my AA that has taken me 16 years to ! So I am thinking of taking a Watercolors class for my art credit. OR a digital photography class. I will need to make up my mind within the month I suppose. It has been soooo long since I have stepped foot on a campus. I am kinda excited about it !!

Must start or not.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I love this time of year !! My mom and step dad have invited me and the kid over for a bbq. That is fine !! I really want to see fireworks though. I do NOT want to tackle Tahoe to see them though. Those days of waking up early to find the perfect planned out parking spot and a central location of which ever beach so you can cruise to find parties afterwards is sooooo over. The crowds of that size just turn me off now. Maybe Virginia City? Carson would be an option but for the drive in with my parents and parking then setting up to watch an "ok" 15 minute firework disply just does not appeal to me.

My mom ran into an old friend of mine from middle school at the store yesterday and invited her to come over for bbq. I really love her but her daughter scares the shit out of me. After raising 2 teenagers you figure I would not be intimidated by the little terds, BUT this one I am !!! She is scary and loves the shock value she give off. So I need my poker face today !!! Another one my mom has taken under her wing as another daughter which is very cool !!! This girl needs a mother figure and I am complimented that she loves my mom !!!

I do have to fit in cleaning the firm also. So maybe I will split it up between today and tomorrow. Ugh !!

Happy 4th of July !!!

Sedona Vortexes and Their Incredible Energies for Transformation

Sedona Vortexes and Their Incredible Energies for Transformation

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday !!!

I am so glad it is Friday !!! 3-day weekend !!! Oh thank goodness. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love, love, love the beach and swimming in the lake and BBQing and just being outside. But I hate that I am 42 and don't come close to feeling or looking decent in a swim suit and that I have to cover up in the sun. The years of sun has wreaked (sp?) havoc on my skin....freckles, moles and all kinds of barnacles. Aaahh the pleasures of aging !!
However I AM going to do a little shopping before SEATLE because I want to look GOOD. Like a GIRL !!!

The girl went to Reno this evening. I really do miss my girl when she goes even for just one night but on the other hand I enjoy being home alone for a night.

Hunkering down with Word....up !!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So, I gotta say that Eclipse was awesome !!!! Gonna see it again this weekend !!! Love it, Love it, Love it !!! Sigh.....

So my parents got another offer on their house...which means they could possibly move in with me again for a few months...again. Just saying.....I really don't mind. I just get total and complete anxiety knowing that I will have NOOOOO privacy and I will have to clean my house everyday. AND the whole cat and dog thing. 4 adults, 2 cats and 2 dogs in my little duplex.....ok I can feel the chest tightening !!! uugghh...

Taking a break from Tequila !!