Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mom's night out...Tequila, Cigars and Hookah...

This night was long awaited for !!  My dear friend left for 3 weeks going to school so we waited till she got back to have our "Friday Tequila Night Out" !!  Well, let me tell you...boy oh boy...was it a night out and well deserved I might add !!

Started out in our favorite Mexican restaurant drinking our favorite Silver Patron Margarita's.  After filling up and thinking we were done, we got the brilliant idea to head toward the cigar bar in the "Good Ole Boy District".  Aaahh yes, cigars and Bloody Mary's ruled the next couple of hours while we savored the local flavor of people, but more the men.  Wondering who was single and who was not (the story of my life !!!).

Then we even had a MORE brilliant idea to walk over to the Hookah lounge around the corner !!

Well this virgin to hookah was a little skeptical.  As we walked through the crowd of twenty-somethings and I might add I DID eye some of those young guys up and down .... ok !!!  We entered this quaint lounge will all couches.  We picked our poison and headed to the back couch where we shared some "Ambrosia" flavored tobacco.  It was nothing like I expected.  It was easy to smoke and really flavorful and very smooth.

All in all I had a great experience and we might even trade up "Margarita Night" for "Cigar/Hookah Night".

Best DD was waiting up for ME when I got home !!!  Full circle !!

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