Monday, May 30, 2011

Divorced ? Yes...uumm not really...

Why do I get so defensive when someone who knows I am single asks if I am divorced ?  I found myself lying when this question was asked to me a couple days ago.  After I said "yes", I caved and finally admitted I had never been married and felt this horrible need to explain myself.  Being 43 and never married puts me in the category of "Something must be wrong with her".  Well folks NOTHING is wrong with me !!  I am actually the most emotionally healthiest I have ever been in my life !! With no baggage.  I am content and have a great job and can support myself and my youngest (adult) child who still lives at home (yes, I know, I know !!).  YES, I said child.  I have had a child out of wedlock.  Yikes !! Right ?? Oh get over it !!  I have had a couple long term relationships and even engaged twice.  And my fair share of short term !  

I just have not found my husband........yet !! And I know he is out there cause I am a total catch  :)

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