Sunday, September 18, 2011

A second chance for grandma !!

You know...I knew there was a job out there for my mom.  At last she is being hired to work for the State with absolutely NO experience.  They were willing to hire a 68 year old woman who has worked for casino's the past 30 years and train her all because of her personality !!  I am so grateful for the stability and relief this will give my mom and step dad who is now disabled due to a brain bleed back in March.  He is doing real good but cannot work, possibly ever again.  I just hope and pray that she will fit in and the people that work in the office will love her and want to keep her !!

I have been grounded from playing on the computer and having any wine on Friday and Saturday...due to my DD having had her wisdom teeth out and being really grumpy and totally demanding all of my attention.  Well I put my foot down and made it clear that I WILL HAVE MY PLAY TIME AND WINE TIME !! Damn get over yourself !!  Spoiled brat...

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  1. I KNOW your mom will fit in just fine, she is a very lovable woman, and I haven't even seen her in years! My DD will also have her wisdom teeth out next week :/