Friday, July 9, 2010

Phanton PMS ??

Thank god it is Friday !! This entire past week has been a PMS (?) week from ??? Geez I don't know !! OK, so I had a Hysterectomy in February and even though I don't get a visit from Aunt Flow I sure have all the other issues still. NO ONE could do anything right, say anything right, look right, breath right......OR maybe no one was doing anything right, saying anything right or looking right !!! lol....OK,'s me !! Aagghh. However that doesn't mean that it is ok to come to a Courthouse wearing a tank top while naturally being as hairy as the cookie monster or wearing a black bra under a see through white t-shirt !!!

Well again I started the week with a good intention of watching what I eat. That all went to hell. And of course it does not help that I come home and celebrate Friday with Taco's and shells fried in oil !!! Oooohh but they were goooood !!! Mmmmhhmm OH YEAH and it sure did not help that I finished my plate and ate what my daughter didn't.....NIIIIIICE !!

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