Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New colors...

OK, I am ready for some new colors in my life. I am turning a new page and now I need to surround myself with new things. I will be picking out some colors this weekend for my walls and daughters walls. I want new towels and bed spreads also. What colors represent "new"? Hhmm ... I am very excited.


  1. something of a happy tone, Yellow maybe? I know a big happy faced bedspread might do the trick. You could look at it everyday and smile, and if your in a bad mood beat the crap out of the smiling troll. Eaither way it's win win!

  2. LOL....hahaha funny !! Actually it was not that long ago I was looking at the bedspread set that is in Bella's room in the Twilight joke !! Now that would be a win! I would officially be a looooser !!

  3. hahahaha, no you would be a loser if you bought a bedspred with edwards face on it.