Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Little Day Dreaming...

Ever have a special place that you can dream about when it is sooo hot outside that you could go just jump in your car and start driving there..right now ? I do !! This place is beautiful, cool, misty, and on the coast of Oregon. Bandon, Oregon.

I was introduced to Bandon through my parents when they decided to move there for a few years. However they moved back home to Northern Nevada after they realized that we were not going to move there and live near them as one big happy family and my mom started suffering from some severe depression with all the rain and darkness. During this time I was introduced to my ex boyfriend by my cousin and Aunt. We started seeing each other and continued to see each other for a year. This person just so happened to own a Cranberry farm in Bandon, though not his regular residence at the time. I was able do a lot of traveling back and forth with him to tend to these bogs and stay at his farm and visit my parents. It was all so crazy, fun and yet meant to happen...AND meant to end. Cranberry man is nooooo longer. Ended that quick when I learned he was not a one woman man. BUT I have to say it was a FUUUN year.


  1. for you maybe, but I was around that year of Mr. I should have shoved a cranberriy up his ass for what he did. An NO it wasnt any fun.