Saturday, July 10, 2010

My fault I can't sleep....?

Sooooo as my sweeeeet baby girl was entering into the house around 2:30 a.m. as I lay wide awake and heart pounding because she had not responded to my 50th text and 50th phone call as to where she was and when she would be coming home, I told her how worried I was and that her coming in sooooooo late cause me not to be able to sleep. And the sweeet child said "It is not my fault you can't sleep"....."It is your choice not to sleep". Hhhmm I THINK NOT !!! Little Beeooch !!! So today the sweet little thing applied for a couple of jobs....YAAAAY !!! Can't wait for that to happen, so she can get a routine and stop sleeping in till noon and staying up so late and causing me to have a heart attack.....causse after all it IS my fault I can't sleep when she is out so late. :)

My parents loaned me an old swamp cooler that barely blows out the cool air, but hey anything will help in this ungodly heat !!! Sooo I guess my poor little rental power grid could not handle the other 2 fans WITH the swamp cooler plus all the other necessary pleasures of the tv and DVD player and ect.... that I have going in my living room that once my sweet thing plugged in her blow dryer to get ready to go out (again) the power shut down in the living room and the outlets in both bathrooms are out also. Aaaaawww the pleasures of summer !!!! It is 11:03 pm and I can feel it finally cooling down....thank you god !!

Off to bed to try and get some sleep (?)....

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