Sunday, July 4, 2010


I love this time of year !! My mom and step dad have invited me and the kid over for a bbq. That is fine !! I really want to see fireworks though. I do NOT want to tackle Tahoe to see them though. Those days of waking up early to find the perfect planned out parking spot and a central location of which ever beach so you can cruise to find parties afterwards is sooooo over. The crowds of that size just turn me off now. Maybe Virginia City? Carson would be an option but for the drive in with my parents and parking then setting up to watch an "ok" 15 minute firework disply just does not appeal to me.

My mom ran into an old friend of mine from middle school at the store yesterday and invited her to come over for bbq. I really love her but her daughter scares the shit out of me. After raising 2 teenagers you figure I would not be intimidated by the little terds, BUT this one I am !!! She is scary and loves the shock value she give off. So I need my poker face today !!! Another one my mom has taken under her wing as another daughter which is very cool !!! This girl needs a mother figure and I am complimented that she loves my mom !!!

I do have to fit in cleaning the firm also. So maybe I will split it up between today and tomorrow. Ugh !!

Happy 4th of July !!!

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