Thursday, July 15, 2010


I got off my day job and rushed to my evening to clean an office, but of course the word "rushed" means slamming a glass of wine down first at my favorite "after work bar" !! I hurried a little too quickly through cleaning hoping to make it home to see my girl since I have not layed my eyes on her since Monday evening. I left the cleaning job, went to the store, hit my landlords home to take care of business and all the while I am getting more and more excited to see my girl. I am 5 minutes from home driving like a damn maniac and she calls me to say "I'm leaving to go visit a friend, I won't be here when you get home so see you later", which we all know means tomorrow. Aaagghh my heart sank. So I get home to my empty hot as hell house made dinner to sit and watch my favorite dancing show with my cats !! Yep, you heard cats. Don't worry about me I will just start feeding all the neighborhood homeless cats .... cause I know they want to be with

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