Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day off...

So I went to the yearly beach party for the firm (2nd job) and I really did have a good time.  Thanks to my my very dear friend (Crazy Ramblings) I had someone to "hang" with during this afternoon.  My girl befriended a group of kids that were there as guests of another employee.  Later in the afternoon I noticed that my girl was sitting with the lot of them and one of the other girls had taken her bikini top off and put pasties on instead.....little star fish shaped ones (how appropriate).  I informed my friend about it and she informed her husband about it which in turn completely made is whole day.  I did not know a man could get his shorts in a wad like he did.  He was so absolutely excited !!!!  Watching him find any excuse to walk by them and look at her was very entertaining.  Funny I tell you !!!
I did learn one thing...never let a hormonal 18 year old drive down a narrow road where there is no clear division of 2 lanes divided by a broken yellow line !!!! me !!!!  OK, wait ... I learned two things...never drive 40 miles away in 102 degree weather without enough gas to crank the airconditioning !!  Never again !!!  The hormonal teenager actually kept me calm on that ride !!!

My father called me to check on the on newly graduated girl to see what she has been doing.  I absent mindedly told him "nothing".  So "grandpa" - old school as he is (and I love it) proceeds to give me advice:
1)  if she is going to school then she can live at home - no problem;
2)  is she is not going to school right away she needs to be working and contributing;
3)  if neither the above then she needs to move out.
Geeeez dad.  Ok, I seem to be having a hard time relaying this to her.  Probably because of complete fear that she is going to tell me where to put it and run to reptile boy.

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