Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ok, soooo here we go !!! So apparently I am a horrible mom because I did not invite my daughter to join me for a very last minute sushi invite last night. Boy oh boy did it make for a NOT good evening. Ended bawling my eyes out and wondering WTF??? However all is well today. Up down Up down up down....seatbelts are required !!!!!

My son poked his head know....needed money. Gave him a little. At least I know he is eating. He is still clean and sober which is really good. Just needs to change the way he thinks. You don't look for a job in an extremely bad economy that will only suffice to your career path. You get an job to feed your ass. It is all about $$$$ baby !!!! Nope he does not get it. BUT there is always a girl out there suckered into taking care of him. Waiting for a light bulb to go off and when it does I have a feeling it will blind us all !!! Looking forward to it.

My mother is not doing to well. Her stomach problems are increasing and she is in pain all the time. Throws up a lot. I think her Pilori could be back or it is her Gall Bladder OR both !!!! I worries me to death. My stepdad is in Washington trying to find work. He is old school and believes in supporting his family. He gets up there to stay with his piece of shit nephew and his alcoholic, abusive, sabatojing (sp?), manipulative wife...who I would love to meet just once....ONCE !!!! Bitch.... anyways, My poor stepdad is right on the edge of being hired for security in a nuclear storage facility for the government and this bitch is making him want to ditch his one last test this monday to come home....hhhmmmm

This weather sucks. It makes me want to eat and then eat more. Tonight I have been invited to mexican food and margharitas!!! Soooo I am hoping my daughters plans to Reno don't go through so I have a DD......yay!!!

Back to work.........yep work.....on a Saturday. I am so behind it is causing sever anxiety.


  1. Hey I'm mad you didnt invite me either, I am the one that introduced you to sushi....remember!!!!

  2. We WILL have our moment...... muuahh