Monday, May 24, 2010


So I am taking this Ginseng. I LOVE it. My mom went to Truckee Meadow Herb Company in Reno and got some Rasberry leaf tea for the helps with the whole functioning thing in the female organ parts. I also brought some to work so these girls can function correctly...:) and stop being beotches. And already they are saying that thier cramps are not so severe and things are much smoother for them !!! The Ginseng gives me tons of energy....awesome.

So chris came in today to say "HI" and attend one of his girlfriends drug court hearings with her. Some how we always start a casual harmless chit chat and it ends up with him recalling some distorted memory that is not correct and me trying to defendant it. I had to walk away..... and now I feel bad. uugggh

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