Friday, September 17, 2010

A week off...

I am nearing the end of my week off.  I have enjoyed every minute.  I actually got my landlord to help me and give my little place a fresh coat of paint and trim my tree so I don't look so ghetto !!  Mind you it takes a lot out here to NOT look ghetto.  The kid and I took off for an evening and a day to spend time together and it was real fun.  Went over the hill to Placerville.  I have never taken the time to stop and look at how beautiful and old it is there and it really was worth it !!  Back to the grind of the justice system next week.  Oh joy !! 

Old Town Grill has the best burgers !!

A little hangman action

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  1. Oh what fun, placerville is a cute place. We used to stop there on our was to S.F. to get In & out, before we got one here.