Monday, September 6, 2010

Seattle..No Depression...

I have been introduced to a whole different kind of music and the more I open my mind and ears I am learning to really like some of it.  During this weekend in Seattle we went to this music festival called "No Depression".  It was a very liberating experience.  Again, eye opening.  My favorite was the band at the end "The Swell Season".  Watching, standing in the audience with a 3/4 moon, dark blue sky and listening to this wonderful music touched me .... deeply !!!
Waiting for the show to start
Head and Heart
Sooo much fun.  After a full day of music and great new friends we ventured out to find he famous D'Ambrosio gelato shop.  We found it and what a find !!  Only what dreams are made of !!!  I had the carmel and fig gelato and it was the most incredible treat I think I have ever had.

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