Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I was truly blessed to have been able to make my first trek to Seattle thanks to a wonderful, kind, beautiful friend who made it all possible.  I was able to experience a weekend away without family, kids or significant others.  It was so much fun experiencing such a diverse city that it really opened my eyes to the wonderful places out there that I would love to visit and go back to. 
We first got to Seattle just in time (barely) to check in to our magnificent hotel and in a whirlwind, changed into our grown up clothes and freshen up, hop in a cab to take us to Dimitriou's Jazz Alley to see an amazing singer by the name of Sheimekia Copeland.  She just knocked it out and was so beautiful !!  With that show we also had an incredible meal and an even more incredible bottle of wine !!

After the show we decided to put our feet to the pavement and venture out to find a fun place to experience the rest of the evening.  We happened across a small bar on a corner with a 70's music cover band, that I have to admit was one of the best cover bands I have ever heard.  Aaawww the Stacking Clowns.  LOL funny name but great guys !!

We stayed and partyed the evening away !!! It was wonderful.  Met some great, great people !!  Learned to never say "Warshington" again !! 

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