Monday, August 2, 2010

Simply Me...

Well I have been doing a little remodeling on my blog, trying to find the right "feel" so when I get on here I want to blog.  I am going with a new title..."Simply Me".  I think it is very appropriate !!  I am trying to find my niche at this blogging stuff.  I seem to be being steared in a very traditional way, my journey with being a single mom of 2 adult children (literally) and just my start at finding my own way and independence again. 

So getting off to a great start (not) I was wondering if there was a way to un-spoil an 18 year old.  Hhhmm I ask myself "What the hell have you done?".  She is so used to getting everything she wants and needs that when I ask her now to do chores around the house since she is now out of school and not working and being able to wake up naturally that it should in no way be a problem .... right?  Oh NO.  The chore list is a week old now and she needs hair dye... soooooo hhhmm.... do the damn chores and I MIGHT consider getting you freakin hair dye !!!  It worked, however with an attitude and things being half assed done.  So next will be the threat of "the dreaded car".  Now that one might just work !!!

On another note, I have an important decision to make....Digital Photography or Watercolors ??  As much as I love photography I think I might choose the less likely one.  Watercolors !!  I am excited just thinking about it !!  This will count as an art credit I need to get my AA (2 year degree) that has taken me 16 years to get !! 

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